Third PROMPPT Stakeholder workshop

5th February 2020

On the evening of January 30th 2020, 14 stakeholders from primary care (GPs, practice nurses, practice managers, clinical pharmacists), health psychology, addiction and community pain services, and patient representatives met for a third and final time in the intervention development phase of the PROMPPT programme. In the meeting stakeholders were given an overview of the work that has been completed since their last meeting in September 2019. Dr Sarah Harrisson shared developments of the pain review to be delivered by clinical pharmacists and supporting materials. Dr Nicola Cornwall also provided an update of Q-PROMPPT qualitative study findings taking into account information from the 4 different elements of the study:

  • GP, clinical pharmacist, and patient interviews
  • Clinical pharmacist focus groups
  • Online research forum (Q-PROMPPT Blog)
  • In-practice testing of a prototype pain review

Discussions ensued on key areas for the on-going iterative development of the intervention. We would like to express our gratitude to all our stakeholders and the expertise they have shared for the PROMPPT programme. We hope you have enjoyed being part of the PROMPPT journey and look forward to the next phase of the project.